New standards for hotels

President of the Federation of Tourism Chambers: We aim to review the criteria for the classification of hotels every 4 years
The Egyptian Federation of Touristic Chambers, in cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism, aims to review the classification criteria of hotels every 4 years. "Ahmed Al-Wasif" President of the Union of Tourist Chambers.

Al-Wasif said in an interview with Al-Mal that the new standards for hotel classification are being translated into Arabic after being reviewed by the World Tourism Organization and will be issued soon. To identify the shortcomings that must be addressed and develop radical solutions to address them.

Following the move, representatives of the Ministry of Tourism will conduct evaluations of various hotels, he added.

He pointed out that increasing the volume of demand for the Egyptian tourist destination and raising the performance and level of services provided will in turn raise the prices of accommodation in hotel rooms.

He stressed that no establishment will be exempted from reviewing and applying the new standards except for existing and licensed hotels and boats which are excluded from some standards such as the size of their rooms.

He pointed out that the agreement signed between the Ministries of Finance and Tourism on the collection of real estate tax on hotel and tourist establishments in Egypt has been extended until December 2020.