Wings Tours Gulf

The Gulf region now is being considered as one of the most desirable destinations for all over the world`s travelers. That is why we chose our business` location here to guarantee it is going to be a great success with the help of our experience and effort.

Since December 2003, we at Wings Tours Gulf have experienced and achieved a lot in the travel industry in the four countries, we are covering: United Arab Emirates, Oman, Qatar, and Bahrain, to prove to all the business stakeholders that with the dedication to work and using some useful planning methods, all of us can achieve greatness.

We know that the Gulf region is rich in its strategic location, human resources, and its potential future and that exactly what we took advantage of to build the infrastructure of the services we introduce here — offering special interest and tailor-made programs, fit & Vip arrangements, Incentive Programs & professional conference organizing, cruise shore excursion & ground handling, hotel bookings, package programs, desert & mountain Safaris, and a wide number of other services to come after.

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